Results of Pharmtech & Ingredients Exhibition

LAMSYSTEMS holding took part in the 23rd International exhibition of equipment, materials and technologies for pharmaceutical industry Pharmtech & Ingredients that was held in Moscow from the 23rd to 26th of November.

More than 300 companies from 25 countries participated in the exhibition. The event was visited by 4888 people just in four days which is 74% more than it had been in 2020. These were interesting and effective days that were full of meetings, discussions and reports.

The biggest showpiece of our booth was the AIR SHOWER for personnel, the latest development of LAMSYSTEMS. Our visitors got a chance to test the operation of the combined airflows: the turbulent and the laminar ones, which is the distinct feature of this type of equipment from its analogues.

Currently, the air shower manufacturers use the horizontal turbulent airflow only. It ensures blow of the mechanical contaminants off the clothing of the personnel.

The vertical laminar airflow (downflow) allows much faster elimination of the suspended particles from the chamber of the air shower enhancing the blowdown efficiency and reducing the time of getting the required cleanliness class. The turbulent and laminar airflow switching cycles can be set individually.

Additionally, the pass box is equipped with a pneumatic door sealing that ensures leak-tightness along the periphery of the door. The air is supplied by an external compressed air system.

For the first time, the Laboratory of Technical Garments LLC presented LAMSYSTEMS INTELLECT, their newly developed system for management and control of the personal protection equipment in the production technological processes.

Cleanroom clothing with RFID tags was also exhibited at our stand.

During the exhibition, the 16th specialized Farmtechprom forum took place where the specialist from LAMSYSTEMS Alexey Enenko presented his Technical Specifics of Isolation Equipment produced by LAMSYSTEMS report.