Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing

The acceptance testing area is made on the “clean room” basis and provided with certified equipment to carry out necessary testing of all commercial products.

A copy of the Test Report can be provided as per Customer's request.

Stages of Acceptance Testing

Audio-visible indication adjustment

Alarm indication is switched on automatically when the air flow parameters are deviated from the specified. 

Electrical safety

Testing the integrity of the protective ground circuit, the leakage current, the high voltage.

Inward and downward air flow parameters

After appropriate adjustment the following velocity is set up:
- for inward airflow through the front opening – 0.47 m/s*,
- for downward air flow in the working chamber – 0.35 m/s*.

* -in accordance with EN 12469:2000

HEPA filter integrity checking

The supply and exhaust filters and their sealing are checked.

Housing leak tightness

Checked by creating internal pressure after sealing all openings and by carrying out a soap bubble test for all joints, junctions and gaskets.

Air flow visualization

Shows the proper distribution and directions of air flow at different points of the working chamber and throughout the front working opening.


Illumination corresponds to the conditions of safe operation in the cabinet working zone.

The working surface illuminance is 1,000 lux while recommended one is 750 lux.


The vibration mean-square displacement value in the table top centre of the operating cabinet does not exceed 0.005 mm (frequency range of 20 -20,000Hz)

Potassium iodide test

Tests for pathogenic agents retention efficiency in the front opening.


The noise level is 57dB which is below values specified in the standard.