Fume hoods accessories

Laboratory fume hoods (also called exhaust hoods) play essential part in manufacturing and laboratories, as they provide ventilation to protect lab workers from toxic chemicals and fumes. The containment of hazardous chemicals and reagents is necessary for the proper manufacturing process. Having bought high-quality laboratory fume hood accessories, anyone can establish a clear procedure for working with various substances and reagents. High-quality, certified accessories are created according to European quality standards for a very long life period.

Lab fume hood accessories need to ensure that a fume hood function correctly. The mistake in maintenance and ignoring safety conditions can cost the health of the personnel of the whole laboratory. “Lamsystems” – one of the largest manufacturers and providers of lab furniture – offers well-fitting accessories for both ductless and ducted fume hoods. All applications meet the dimensional requirements for biosafety, research, or clinical laboratories.

Fume hood accessories:

  • Gas / vacuum tap
  • Additional set of sockets
  • Stainless steel sink together with drain valve and mixer tap
  • Mixer tap for water supply (hot or cold)
  • Tap for water supply made of brass
  • Cabinet base with an air vent
  • Table top made of Polystone, Durcon . Сan be produced in different size configurations.
  • Cabinet base of the fume hood is equipped by fixed supports and internal shelf for the reagents storing.

Every accessory helps guarantee a pro-long service of the equipment and is provided according to the needs of customers. We also prepare educational sources for those who did not have experience in using any of such type accessories.We also prepare educational materials for those who did not have experience in working with any of the laboratory fume hood accessories.

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Gas / vacuum tap
Additional set of sockets