15 june 2024

Delivery and Installation

LAMSYSTEMS biosafety cabinets are produced according to the up-to-date level of technical achievements and are verified for flawless functionality before released from the production.

We assure that the best quality, competitive price and on-time delivery will be provided to our worldwide customers. Well mastered simplified process of equipment mounting. Cabinet must be installed and put in service by the specially trained and authorized personnel.

Cabinet’s exploitation sustainability and trouble free functionality depends among other things on correct positioning of the cabinet. After mounting and installation cabinet must be tested in compliance to DIN EN 12469 and DIN EN ISO 14644-3 where the following parameters must be tested and written in protocol:

  • downward airflow
  • velocity of the incoming airflow
  • alarm systems’ functionality
  • HEPA filters’ integrity
  • airflow visualization

After cabinet’s verification laboratory staff is trained by our specialists.