18 april 2018

Class II Biosafety Cabinet VIS-À-VIS: top protection efficiency!

Specialists from Analytics and Qualification Department studied whether the configuration of VIS-À-VIS cabinet ensures the required level of protection.

The Class II biosafety cabinet VIS-À-VIS got its name thanks to its configuration that allows simultaneous work of two operators opposite one another. Such an arrangement can be required, for instance, in case of work with lab animals when specific manipulations cannot be performed by a single person. In addition to technological process application, the VIS-À-VIS configuration can be used at non-standard facilities when the work zone has to be equally accessible from both sides of the cabinet.  

Since VIS-À-VIS cabinet is a microbiological safety cabinet of Class II type A2, it has to conform to the same protection efficiency requirements as those imposed on standard single-side models. All Class II type A2 cabinets shall ensure operator and product protection from contamination with microorganisms and pathogenic biological agents in accordance with EN 12469. Therefore, in the work opening of the cabinet, there shall be an air curtain preventing any escape of pathogens to the environment; at the same time, in the work chamber, there shall be laminar downflow protecting the product from cross-contamination. To check whether the configuration of the VIS-VIS cabinet ensures the required safety level, the specialists of Lamsystems Analytics and Qualification Department did a smoke test to visualize the airflows (see the video). The test was made in the operating mode as well as in the situation when one of the work openings was closed with a pullout UV cover (pullout units with UV light for covering the work openings).

The test demonstrated that in the operating mode, the air flows are correct and ensure protection of both operators and the product located in the work zone. Additionally, smoke visualization confirmed that closure of one of the work openings does not impact the airflows and does not reduce the protection efficiency of the cabinet VIS-À-VIS.