BMB-II-Laminar-S.-1,2 VIS-A-VIS

Article 2Е-В.004-12

Microbiological safety cabinet class II VIS-A-VIS is designed to work with lab animals. 

The design of VIS-A-VIS cabinet allows two operators working opposite one another at the same time. 

It provides product, operator and environment protection when working with agents of biosafety levels 1, 2 and 3.



It is equipped with a system of monitoring the operating modes; optical sensors of the front glasses, the UV-unit and the safety closure position; a control panel with LCD touch screen, where operation information of the cabinet is displayed. The audio-visible alarm system is activated upon failure of the safety conditions.

Downward laminar air flow prevents the materials cross contamination in the working zone. The animals’ hair catcher is installed under the table top.

A unique pull out UV-unit is included into the basic configuration.

The cabinet is designed for operation in standing or seating position.

Support stand for operators in standing position (height of the working surface is 1,008 mm) .

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Microbiological safety cabinet BMB-II-“Laminar-S.”-1,2


Article 2Е-В.004-12
Maximum dimensions of the cabinet /WхDхH/* (dimensions without stand are in parenthesis),mm 1470х730х2050 (1450)
Maximum dimensions of the stand /WхDхH/*,mm 1470х730х600
Dimensions of the work chamber /WхDхH/, mm 1110х700х670
Dimensions of the work zone /WxD/, mm 1110х475
Area of the work zone, m2 0,53
Dimensions of the work openings /WxH/, mm 1110х195
Dimensions of HEPA filters:
Supply HEPA filter /WxDxH/, mm 1130х530х78
Exhaust HEPA filters /WxDxH/, mm 480х530х78
Power Supply:
- voltage ~, V 220-240
- frequency, Hz 50
Maximum input power, W 1620
Maximum input power without built-in electric sockets, W 620
Maximum allowed load on the built-in electric sockets, W 1000
Power of the UV lamp, W 30
Power of LED lamp, W 39
Number of LED lamps 2
Maximum net weight of the cabinet assembled with stan, kg 330
Height from bottom to work surface, mm 810

* dimensions do not account for outstanding supports


Installation work chamber air cleanliness class for suspended particle (aerosol) concentration as per ISO 14644-1:2015
- for particles of 0.5µm and more 5 ISO
- for particles of 5.0µm and more ISO М (20; ≥ 5 мкм);LSAPC
Class of the cabinet as per EN 12469-2000, NSF/ANSI 49 II
Type of the cabinet as per NSF/ANSI 49 А2
Average downflow velocity in the work chamber 0,35+0,01 mps
Work chamber airflow type unidirectional (laminar) downflow
Average velocity of the inflow though the working opening 0,47±0,03 mps
Work opening airflow type directed into the front grille of the tabletop, creating air curtain
Downflow 690-710 m3/h
- when both of the front openings are open 665-755 m3/h
- when one front opening is open 330-375 m3/h
Air recirculation 50/50 %
HEPA filters
1) class as per EN 1822-1 Н14
2) retention at MPPS 99.995%
3) minimum service life 4* years
UV lighting
- UVC radiant flux 11.2 W
- lumen depreciation after 5000 hours of work 12%
- service life 8000 hours
Minimum illumination of the work zone (integral value determined along the whole area of the work zone) 1500 lx
Maximum noise level at 1 m distance from the cabinet 60** dB

* provided the cabinet is operated in accordance with the requirements of the Manual.

** level of noise measured as per DIN EN ISO 11201 in free sound field over the sound-reflecting surface (noise level in real operating environment depends on the dimensions of the operating site as well as and on the total background noise and may vary by 3-4 dB(A))

Dimensional drawing
Work Chamber:
Pullout Units with Work Opening Screens and a UV Lamp:
Supply and Exhaust Air Filtration System:
Control System Components
Additional Components:
Testing and Adjusting Components: