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One more LAMSYSTEMS serial cabinet got an international quality certificate.

One more LAMSYSTEMS serial cabinet got an international quality certificate.

Microbiological safety cabinet of Class II SAVVY SL produced by LAMSYSTEMS has passed the certification testing on conformance to the European standard EN 12469:2000 at TÜV NORD center (Hamburg, Germany) and now has the Certificate No. 44 330 13085602.

It is the second serial cabinet that from now on can have the special mark:

And certainly, our specialists are extremely proud of it since getting the certificate is not that easy.


The products marked with TÜV have the highest level of trust of the European customers. And selling equipment without TÜV would be almost impossible in Europe. The reason is that this certificate cannot be purchased: the European regional unions are highly scrupulous about their reputation.

The first to pass the certification was the microbiological safety cabinet NEOTERIC. A long and winding road that lasted for 5 years (from 2009 to 2014) gave our specialists lots of experience in cooperation with international experts and allowed us to create an excellent product.  NEOTERIC is still highly popular in various parts of the world. The cabinet is highly reliable, user friendly and cost efficient.

However, the engineering thought doesn’t stay still, and a new cabinet SAVVY SL came into being. This model has new configuration and advanced control system that was decided to get certified.

Next please!

Even though our specialists were already well acquainted with the procedure, the task wasn’t that easy. Nevertheless, the original developments of our designers were approved by the German experts.

The fundamental difference of the new SAVVY SL from other models is the configuration of its front window. Gas springs were replaced with power drive that allowed installation of a sliding front sash instead of the hinged one. There is no counter weight in sash configuration and the movement of the window is ensured with the two belts that are rigidly fixed to it. Belt sensors allow instant adjustment of the tension in the process of cabinet operation. Besides operation mode, the window has 4 additional positions that allow easy disinfection, chamber loading and standby operation.

The cabinet control is carried out via a touchscreen that was also developed by LAMSYSTEMS specialists and successfully passed certification as part of the cabinet. The control panel is simple and user friendly.

A unique pullout UV unit used in all LAMSYSTEMS cabinets was slightly changed in order to fit the sliding front sash. At the same time, the ergonomics and reliability of the UV unit were not compromised and the optical sensor is still monitoring the accuracy of its position.   

The visual and audible alarm is still highly sensitive to any disturbance of the operating modes and indicates possible safety problems with sound signal and warning messages displayed on the touchscreen.

Overall, our specialists took all the best from the predecessor, added new features to its configuration and, thus, created a new generation of the biosafety cabinets with quality that was confirmed by the European certification.     

You can find more details on SAVVY SL model in the videos on its configuration features and airflow visualization at different operating modes as well as in its advertizing brochure.