BMB-II-"Laminar-S."-1,2 NEOTERIC (221.120) Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Article 2E-B.001-12


  • Physical isolation (containment and controlled removal from the work zone) of pathogenic biological agents (PBA) and microorganisms to prevent airborne infection of the staff and contamination of the air in the work room and laboratory environment;
  • Minimization of risk of contamination and cross-contamination of the product;
  • The cabinet neither protects from toxic chemicals and radionuclides nor contains work agent odors;
  • Possibility to work with small amount of toxic chemicals and radionuclides as well as to remove work agent odors in case of mandatory connection to an active exhaust system using an exhaust hood supplied upon customer’s additional request;
  • The cabinet is used to equip individual work places in medical, pharmaceutical and other institutions working with pathogenic biological agents and microorganisms.

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Microbiological safety cabinet BMB-II-“Laminar-S.”-1,2 (221.120) NEOTERIC  Class II

Article 2Е-В.001-12
Maximum dimensions of the cabinet /WхDхH/* (dimensions without stand are in parenthesis) , mm 1200х770х2150(1490)
Maximum dimensions of the stand /WхDхH/*, mm 1195х720х670
Dimensions of the cabinet assembled with stand and exhaust hood** /WхDхH/,mm 1200х770х2355
Maximum net weight of the cabinet assembled with stand, kg 230
Input power without built-in electric sockets, W 180/110**
Maximum allowed load on the built-in electric sockets, W 1000
Clean air inflow capacity, m3/h 795-817
Exhaust air capacity, m3/h 333-378

* dimensions do not account for outstanding supports

** The power consumption with newly installed uncontaminated HEPA filters.


Installation work chamber air cleanliness class for suspended particle (aerosol) concentration as per ISO 14644-1
-for particles of 0.5µm and more ISO 5
-for particles of 5.0µm and more ISO M (20; ≥5µm); LSAPC
Class of the cabinet as per EN 12469 II
Class of HEPA filters as per EN 1822-1 H14
Average velocity of the inflow though the working opening, mps 0,47±0,03
Average downflow velocity in the work chamber, mps 0,35+0,01
Minimum illumination of the work zone (integral value determined along the whole area of the work zone), lux 1000
Air recirculation, % ≈70
Maximum noise level at 1 m distance from the cabinet 55*

* level of noise at Main Operation mode measured as per DIN EN ISO 11201:2010 in free sound field over the sound-reflecting surface (noise level in real operating environment depends on the dimensions of the operating site, cabinet’s location as well as and on the total background noise and may vary by 3-4 dB(A)). Indeterminacy: k = 2 dB(A).

Dimensional drawing
Work Chamber
UV Unit
Supply and Exhaust Air Filtration System
Control System Components
Testing and Adjusting Components