FUME HOOD SHV-1,0-“Laminar-S.” with UV unit

Article 1Е-E.002-10.0

SHV-1,0-“Laminar-S.” is designed for use in laboratories providing operator’s protection when working with chemically harmful materials and for their effective removal from the operating area.

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FUME HOOD SHV-1,0-“Laminar-S.” with UV unit

Article 1Е-E.002-10.0
Dimensions of the assembled cabinet with stand, mm (WхDхH) 1020х621х1920
Dimensions of the work chamber, mm (WхDхH) 1020х621х1120
Mass of assembled cabinet with the stand, kg, not more than 84
Input power of the cabinet, W, not more than (exclusively of the load on the built-in outlets) 90
Input power of the fan, W, not more than 31
Maximum load allowed on the sockets, W 1000
Luminance level in the work zone, lux, not less than 1000*
Airflow outflow volume, m3/hr, not less than 400
Noise level at the 1 m distance from the cabinet, dB, not more than 55

* - integral value defined on the total surface of the work zone.

Dimensional drawing
Type of protection
Fume hood is designed to be used as part of the external exhaust system in clinical, diagnostic, dental, and other laboratories, medical organizations, food production and other industries.