BMB-II-"Laminar-S."-1,2 SAVVY SL Class II


Article 2Е-В.008-12

The Class II microbiological safety cabinet SAVVY SL produced by LAMSYSTEMS has passed the certification tests for conformance with the European standard EN 12469:2000 at TÜV NORD organization (Hamburg, Germany) that was attested with a corresponding certificate № 44 330 13085602.

For Certificate validity verification, please visit the official website of the organization by opening the document 'List of certified safety cabinets'.

The microbiological safety cabinet Class II SAVVYSL is designed for work with agents of biosafety levels I, II and III. It provides product, operator and environment protection.

SavvySL is a new generation of the microbiological safety cabinets that inherited all the advantages of the previous models.  


Standard Configuration



  • front sash made of laminated safety glass;
  • side windows made of tempered glass: with tap ports on the right, solid on the left;
  • slanted front surface of the cabinet;
  • work chamber LED lighting;
  • two electric sockets in the work chamber (in the left part of the rear wall);
  • airflow laminarization screen made of polymer micromesh;
  • air intake grille in the rear wall of the work chamber;
  • three-section tabletop made of mirror stainless steel (AISI 304) with air intake grille in the front;
  • work chamber tray made of stainless steel (AISI 304);
  • removable armrest made of stainless steel (AISI 304).

Sash Lifting/Lowering

  • the front aperture opening and closing is carried out by moving the front sash in the plane of the aperture;
  • power drive;
  • the sash is hanging on the two flat belts rigidly fixed to the glass;
  • there is no counter-weight in the configuration.


  • pullout (when inoperative, is stored outside of the work chamber under the tabletop);
  • metal grille protecting the UV lamp;
  • dampers against any impact upon lowering the work opening screen.

Supply and Exhaust Air Filtration System

  • supply air coming into the work chamber is cleaned by supply HEPA filter H14;
  • exhaust air coming out of the cabinet is cleaned by exhaust HEPA filter H14;
  • three fans ensuring airflows inside the cabinet.



Control System Components

  • microprocessor control system;
  • touchscreen control panel;
  • airflow sensors;
  • front sash and UV unit position sensors;
  • belt tension sensors;
  • individual fuse for power supply to the main functions of the cabinet (fan, lighting, UV lamp);
  • individual fuse for electric sockets of the work chamber;
  • built-in power cord.

Testing Components

  • built-in outlets for sampling the air upstream of HEPA filters for their integrity testing (located in the right part of the rear wall).


  • frame stand with footrest;
  • caster wheels for cabinet relocation;
  • screw supports for cabinet fixation at operating site.




Installation work chamber air cleanliness class for suspended particle (aerosol) concentration as per ISO 14644-1

-for particles of 0.5µm and more

-for particles of 5.0µm and more


ISO 5 

ISO M (20; ≥5µm); LSAPC 

Cabinet class according to ЕN 12469


Class of the installed НЕРА-filters according to EN 1822-1


Average velocity of the inflow though the work opening, m/s


Average downflow velocity in the working chamber, m/s 


Clean air inflow volume, m3/h


Air outflow volume, m3/h


Air recirculation rate in the cabinet, %


Illuminance level in the working zone, lux, not less than


Noise level at 1m distance from the cabinet, dB, not more than 


 *level of noise in free sound field over the sound-reflecting surface (noise level in real operating environment depends on the dimensions of the operating site as well as and on the total background noise and may vary by 3-4 dB(A)). Uncertainties: k=2 dB(A).




Maximum dimensions of the cabinet /WхDхH/** 


Dimensions of the cabinet with completely opened front sash (WхDхH).mm  1200х810х2185 

Dimensions of the working chamber (WxDxH), mm


Weight of the cabinet (net), kg, not more than


Cabinet's power supply parameters:

-voltage, V~

-frequency, Hz




Maximum input power, W, not more than,W


Total acceptable load on the built-in outlets, W, not more than


** dimensions do not account for outstanding supports



  • ULPA filters 
  • Exhaust hood for connecting the cabinet to the external exhaust system 
  • Adjustable-height stand for BMB-II-1,2 (height of the work surface from 750 to 1000 mm) 
  • Additional electric sockets 
  • Technical gas tap with electromagnetic valve*
  • Inflammable gas tap with electromagnetic valve*
  • Vacuum tap with electromagnetic valve*

* The electromagnetic valve automatically locks gas and vacuum supply in case of power cutoff or cabinet switching-off.



 SAVVY   - Class II Biological Safety Cabinets 


Adjustable-height standfor BMB-II-1,2
(height of the work surface from 750 to 1000 mm)

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