Conformity with standard EN 12469:2000

Audio-visible indication
Alarm indication is switched on automatically when the air flow parameters are deviated from the specified. *
Cabinet materials
Housing – powder coated metal, corrosion-resistant, non-flammable, non-absorbing. Table top – stainless steel. Glass – laminated glass (front), tempered glass (side).* *
Housing leak tightness
Checked by creating internal pressure after sealing all openings and by carrying out a soap bubble test for all joints, junctions and gaskets.

The noise level is 57dB which is below values specified in the standard.

Illumination corresponds to the conditions of safe operation in the cabinet working zone.

The working surface illuminance is 1,000 lux
while recommended one is 750 lux.

The vibration mean-square displacement value in the table top centre of the operating cabinet does not exceed 0.005 mm (frequency range of 20 -20,000Hz)


Suitability for cleaning and disinfection
The cabinet design allows an easy access to all surfaces that come in contact with pathogenic agents and microorganisms and their disinfection. The arm support and each segment of the movable table top can be sterilized in an autoclave. The corners of the tray are rounded
for a more convenient and better treatment.


Formaldehyde and ammonia treatment (fumigation)
The cabinet is well adapted to fumigation. A simplified method of formaldehyde disinfection is described in detail in the user manual.

* For a period of warming up and preparing the cabinet for the main operation mode the audio indication can be switched off manually.

** All materials are resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants as well as formaldehyde processing.

Important! When using chlorine compounds remember of their corrosive power including the effect on stainless steel.

Potassium iodide test
Tests for pathogenic agents retention efficiency in the front opening.

Air flow visualization
Shows the proper distribution and directions of air flow at different points of the working chamber and throughout the front working opening.

The microbiological safety cabinet class II (type A2) is in full conformity with the requirements of European standard EN 12469:2000.