PCR cabinet BAV-PCR-«Laminar-S.»

Article 2Е-F.002-10


PCR Cabinets for an Abacterial Environment

PCR cabinets are designed for scientific research as well as for diagnostics in practical health and hygienic and epidemiological investigations (genotyping, infection diagnostics). The function of PCR cabinets for an abacterial environment is based on creating a bacteria-free environment inside the cabinet through intensive UV irradiation of the interior and bench surfaces. An integrated UV lamp provides the rapid decontamination of the working zone between experiments and prevents cross-contamination.

Our PCR cabinets are well-equipped with UV-lighting, tempered glass and a special enamel resistant to all disinfectors.

If you want to buy a PCR cabinet for an abacterial environment in your laboratory, but not sure which one you should choose, please contact our specialists to discuss all the details and establish the best price possible. 


Main features of the PCR cabinet 

Work Chamber:

  • hinged front sash made of tempered glass; opening, closing and upholding is carried out by gas springs;
  • metal side panels;
  • slanted front surface of the cabinet;
  • lighting of the work chamber;
  • one set of electric sockets in the work chamber;
  • tabletop made of  stainless steel (AISI 304).

UV light:

  • pullout UV unit located under the tabletop;
  • protective grille of the UV lamp.

UV Recirculator:

  • closed UV air recirculator is installed over the work chamber under the top cover.

Control System Components

  • switches with lighting:

1) cabinet on;

2) lighting on;

3) UV recirculator on;

  • anti-vandal buttons for setting the UV operating time;
  • timer with seven-segment display.

Additional Components:

  • special foam bricks for mounting of the cabinet.

Main parameters and dimensions of the BAV-PCR-“Laminar-S.” 

Dimensions of the cabinet without stand* , mm (WхDхH) 1020х550х760
Dimensions of the assembled cabinet with stand**, mm (WхDхH) 1020х550х1317
Dimensions of the work chamber, mm (WхDхH) 1015х532х530
Maximum net weight of the cabinet without stand, kg 50
Maximum input power of the cabinet, W 1075
Input power of the cabinet, W, not more than (exclusively of the load on the built-in outlets) 75

dimensions do not account for outstanding supports

** given model does not include stand in the basic configuration of the cabinet (can be supplied as an additional option)

Additional options to BAV-PCR-“Laminar-S.”

  • additional set of sockets (installed on the left side)
  • frame stand (packed with cabinet)/(in a separate package)

A closed UV air recirculator is installed over the work chamber under the top cover. The UV recirculator is designed for disinfection of the air inside the work chamber of the cabinet in the process of manipulations with the work agents.

Dimensional drawing of BAV-PCR-“Laminar-S.” 

PCR cabinet (code 621.100)


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