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Class II Microbiological safety cabinet brand of LAMSYSTEMS provide personnel, product and environment protection inherent in work with air-borne pathogenic agents and microorganisms.     

Audible-visible indication REFLEX

Similar to the unconditioned reflexes animals have, the cabinet audio-visual warning system reacts automatically to any changes that can reduce the protective properties of the cabinet.



Microprocessor control system

The cabinet is provided with a microprocessor control system which immediately informs the operator about reducing protective properties of the cabinet showing an alarm message on the display and activating the audio-visual alarm system.

 Unauthorized access protection

A no-touch electromagnetic key effectively protects the control system from an unauthorized access.

 Pullout UV-unit

The cabinet has a pullout UV unit which is placed at the bottom of the cabinet (outside contamination zone) and only used when it is necessary to make disinfection of the working chamber. 

Highly sensitive optical sensors

The position of movable and removable parts influencing the cabinet protective properties is controlled by optical sensors.


Large-size working chamber

The cabinet working chamber has the maximum large size with the minimal external cabinet dimensions.


Front sash features

Gas-springs, laminated glass, hydraulic damper and corners marking – all about advantages of the front sash … 



Arm support

The movable arm rest provides comfort at work and also a reliable support for the operator’s elbows.


Fine filters

The cabinet is equipped with an intake and exhaust HEPA filters providing air purification efficiency of almost 100% for 0.3 µm particles.


Additional options

Use additional options to adapt the cabinet to different operating conditions and to extend the performance range 

Acceptance test

All standard products pass acceptance tests at the factory. During the test specialists make all necessary checks and adjustments to guarantee the Customer the appliance of the product to all regulations, standards and technical requirements.


NEOTERIC in your laboratory Installation. Commissioning.

Making a new generation of biosafety cabinets the LAMSYSTEMS specialists used all their 15-year experience in designing and manufacturing equipment to create clean air environment. Everything in our cabinets – their design, materials, control system – serves one aim: to make the personnel’s activities as secured as possible.