13 march 2024

Workshop in Kazakhstan

Specialists of our company took part in a workshop dedicated to LAMSYSTEMS brand microbiological safety cabinets organized by our distributor – Elementum LLC (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

This workshop was attended by representatives from local companies and laboratories, including pharmaceutical, veterinary and food industry companies, research laboratories specializing in microbiology and virology and others. In total, there were more than 50 participants.

During this seminar, our specialists presented main activities of LAMSYSTEMS group of companies, their advanced developments and design features of Microbiological safety cabinets.

LAMSYSTEMS representatives provided more detailed information regarding operating procedure in biosafety cabinet, its operating principles and validation process. According to the feedback from the participants, these topics were certainly relevant and interesting for the audience. In addition, a serial model of Class II microbiological safety cabinet manufactured by LAMSYSTEMS was demonstrated at this seminar. This allowed participants to evaluate design features and advantages of the cabinet, quality of used materials and high level of production.

Deep Interest in LAMSYSTEMS products shown by the audience and the subsequent requests from partners in Kazakhstan for LAMSYSTEMS brand equipment confirmed the effectiveness of this type of event. Specialists of our company would like to express gratitude to our partner – company “Elementum” – for their cooperation and professionalism, as well as the high level of organization of this workshop.