White is the style of the moment!

Due to numerous requests from our Customers Microbiological Safety Cabinets will be manufactured in white colour from now.

We have received the proposal from our Distributers and Users to change our original grey colour of cabinets to white colour. The main reason for that change is that white colour is prevailing in equipment of laboratories where our cabinets are installed. We believe that the work space must not be only functional but aesthetic as well. That is why we have discussed the following request with our technical specialists and now we are ready to make a change. All our Customers and their requests are important to us.

We ensure that the cabinets still have a high quality coating. As it was before, only high quality powder-coating is used. It is still corrosion-, mechanical- and chemical-resistant.

Manufacturing is a complex procedure, so this modification will take some time. The first our model that was manufactured in white colour was SAVVY SL. These cabinets are currently going through all the acceptance tests and will be delivered to our Customers soon!