New multifunctional pass-through ports!

Design of a SAVVY SL cabinet has been modified.
From now on, cabinets of this model are equipped with special pass-through ports for power cords, media supply lines, etc. There are 3 ports on the left side wall of the work chamber: 2 ports with diameter 22 mm and 1 port with diameter 49 mm.

Input of the communication is carried out using grommets which are included into the delivery set.

The grommet is conical-shaped that lets to cut it off at a level corresponding to the diameter of the conductor. The perimeter of the grommet to the glass must be sealed, that prevents release of pathogenic aerosol from the work chamber through contact points and provides the operator and environment protection.

If the ports are not going to be used, there are sealable hole plugs that securely cover them. Hole plugs are included into the standard delivery set.