28 june 2024

First exhibition of laboratory equipment in Kazakhstan

This exhibition was organized by the company «Elementum», Kazakhstan.

It was a unique specialized event dedicated to laboratory equipment, which was held for the first time in Kazakhstan. This exhibition provided an opportunity for manufacturers of laboratory equipment to meet with their potential customers.

This event was attended by representatives from various laboratories, including those in the fields of microbiology, food industry, pharmaceuticals, scientific research and mineral processing.

Microbiological safety cabinet Class II was exhibited at the LAMSYSTEMS booth. Visitors to the exhibition were interested not only in the design and ergonomics of our equipment, but also in additional features that extend its functionality. For example, some laboratory assistants need to stand while working. However, it turned out that not everyone was aware of the availability of a high and an adjustable-height stands for LAMSYSTEMS brand cabinets. Besides that, visitors expressed interest in additional options for fume hoods, such as tabletops made from different materials and combined base stands. They also inquired about the possibility of developing customized products of non-standard sizes.

As always, our company's booth attracted visitors who were already familiar with LAMSYSTEMS brand equipment and those who were new to our brand, but were able to evaluate the quality of our products first-hand during the exhibition. Many people have noticed the location of the pull-out UV unit and have commented on its obvious advantages over UV lamps that are located inside the working chamber on the rear wall of the cabinet. They have also noted that the pull-out UV unit was more convenient to use.

Communication with representatives of the National Center for Expertise of Medicines and Medical Devices (NCEMMD) was a very interesting experience. This organization is involved in preclinical and clinical research, conducting expertise and assessing the quality and safety of medicines and medical devices, as well as performing related functions for pharmaceutical inspections and pharmacovigilance. Within the range of products manufactured by our company, NCEMMD specialists were interested in pharmaceutical isolators.

In conclusion, we would like to state that the exhibition exceeded our expectations. The large number of attendees who came from various parts of the country, including some remote regions, demonstrates the well-coordinated efforts of the Elementum team. Organization of this event was at a high level! We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone involved in organizing this exhibition and look forward to making it an annual event.