Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet BAVnp-01-“Laminar-S.”-1,5 LORICA

Article 2E-D.001-15
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Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet BAVnp-01-“Laminar-S.”-1,5 LORICA

Article 2E-D.001-15
Dimensions of the assembled cabinet* /WхDхH/, mm 1500x760x1870
Dimensions of the working chamber /WхDхH/, mm 1430x625x650
Mass of assembled cabinet without the stand, kg, not more than 164
Maximum input power of the cabinet, W, not more than(exclusively of the load on the built-in outlet unit) 410
Acceptable load on the built-in outlet unit, W/А, not more than 1000


Installation work chamber air cleanliness class for suspended particle (aerosol) concentration as per ISO 14644-1
-for particles of 0.5µm and more ISO 5
-for particles of 5.0µm and more ISO M (20; ≥5µm); LSAPC
Class of the installed in the cabinet HEPA-filters according to EN 1822-1 H14
Prefilter according to EN 779 G4
Average downflow velocity in the work chamber:
- preset velocity, mps 0,4
- recommended velocity range for customized setting that guarantees uniformity (laminarity) of the airflow, mps 0,25-0,5
Illuminance level in the working zone, lux, not less than 1000
Noise level at 1m distance from the cabinet (at centerline of the work openingwith the front window sash at working position), dB, not more than 55**

* dimensions do not account for outstanding supports

** level of noise in free sound field over the sound-reflecting surface (noise level in real operating environment depends on the dimensions of the operating site as well as and on the total background noise and may vary by 3-4 dB(A)) Dimensional drawing

Dimensional drawing
Work Chamber:
UV light:
Supply and Exhaust Air Filtration System:
Control System Components
Testing Components
Additional Components:
Type of protection
The cabinet is used to equip individual work places in medical, pharmaceutical and other institutions with high requirements to air purity in the work zone.