Article 2E-C.001-12

The model design allows using those cabinets for work with deadly bacteria and viruses.

Reduction of risk of infection of an operator working with airborne pathogenic agents and microorganisms, protection of the environment as well as the product from external contamination and cross-contamination.

If connected to the individual active exhaust system, the cabinet could be used for protection from small amounts of toxic chemical substances and radionuclides.
The system of monitoring with the audio-visible indication system warns operator about the failure of working modes in the cabinet.

Key Benefits

  • The cabinet has a sealed PASS-THROUGH SLUICE GATE made of stainless steel.
  • A PULL OUT SLUICE TABLE TOP makes loading objects into the working chamber easier.
  • FRONT SASH can be lifted for equipment loading. It is made of laminated safety glass and equipped with two oval glove ports.
  • REMOVABLE OUTLET UNIT in the working chamber with self-powered shutoff function.
  • The design of the cabinet allows integrating several cabinets in one line for continuous technological process.
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Microbiological safety cabinet BMB-III-"Laminar-S."-1,2 PROTECT Class III

Main Parameters and Dimensions

Article 2E-C.001-12
Dimensions of the cabinet with the pass box* (WxDxH), mm 1720х750х1940
Dimensions of the working chamber (WxDxH), mm 1140х640х675
Weight of the cabinet  (net), kg, not more than 350
Power consumption (without the built-in outlets load), W, not more than 420
Maximum input power of the cabinet, W 1420

* dimensions do not account for outstanding supports

Main characteristics

Installation work chamber air cleanliness class for suspended particle (aerosol) concentration as per ISO 14644-1
-for particles of 0.5µm and more ISO 5
-for particles of 5.0µm and more ISO M (20; ≥5µm); LSAPC
Cabinet class according to ЕN 12469, NSF/ANSI 49 III
Class of the installed НЕРА-filters according to EN 1822-1 H14
Prefilter Class according to EN 779 G4
Minimal negative pressure in the working chamber, Pa, not less than 200
Permanently provided working negative pressure in the working chamber, Pa, not less than 250
Airflow rate through the supply HEPA filter, m3/h, not less than 270-320
Air inflow filtering two-stage (G4, H14)
Air outflow filtering two-stage (Н14, H14)
Illuminance level in the working zone, lux, not less than 1500
Air recirculation rate in the cabinet, % no recirculation
Noise level at 1m distance from the cabinet, dB, not more than 56*

* in operating mode (fans and lighting turned on) in testing laboratory environment

Dimensional drawing
Supply and Exhaust Air Filtration System
Pass Box
Control System Components
Additional Components
HEPA Filter Testing
The cabinet is used to equip individual work places in medical, pharmaceutical and other institutions working with I-II-III-IV risk group pathogens and parasitic disease causative microorganisms.