15 june 2024

How does a Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets work?

Hazardous particulates such as microorganisms that require biosafety level 1, 2, or 3 containments are protected by using a Type A2 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet.

Type A2 Class II Biosafety Cabinet is produced in conformity with the requirements of European standard EN 12469:2000. This type of cabinet is featured with good ergonomics, low noise level, low energy consumption, easy cleaning, maintenance and repair.

With years of experience and innovation, the Type A2 Cabinet is specially designed for improved personnel and material safety. Using the most effective technology and being highly-energy efficient, these cabinets become irreplaceable at work.

Type A2 Class II Biosafety Cabinet Features

  • The cabinet work chamber has the maximum large size with the minimal external cabinet dimensions.
  • Easy-to-clean frameless sash.
  • No screws or connectors in the work area ensuring easy cleaning.
  • Ergonomically-angled front for added comfort.
  • Gas-springs, laminated glass, hydraulic damper and corners marking
  • Tabletop made of segments for more convenient work zone disinfection and autoclaving.

The primary function of a BSC is to provide containment and cleanliness. Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet, having a unique airflow system, raises the levels of safety and containment. Its sloped front window reduces the fatigue of the user. The visibility is increased by maximizing the light that enters into the Type A2 Class II Biological Safety Cabinet with the help of transparent side glass windows.

With laminated front window, tempered-glass side windows, easy HEPA filter replacement, and sectional worktops, Type A2 Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets ensure maximum safety for products, environment, and personnel.

Ergonomic Design Cabinets

  1. Sloped front.The sloped front is specially designed for enhanced comfort for the user and reduced fatigue probability.
  2. Noise level reduced.By lowering the noise level of the operating cabinet, the focus of the user gets higher and the chances of being distracted are reduced.
  3. Three-section tabletop.The stainless-steel three-section tabletop enables ease of cleaning.
  4. Comfortable armrest.The removable arm rest provides comfort at work in the Cabinets.
  5. Spacious working area.The work zone being very spacious increases productivity.

Enhanced Safety

To eliminate disruptions that can be caused by lab procedures, an efficient working environment is essential. Easy-to-use features are vital for optimum, productive and safe performance.

  • Front window position. It is crucial to be updated on the position of the front window while carrying out manipulations inside the BSC. The audible and visual alarm indicates you whenever the window is not in the correct working position.
  • Added safety. Components used inside and outside the cabinet, virtually eliminate the risk of being injured during the cleaning, servicing, and maintenance processes of the cabinet.
  • Servicing made easy.
  • Easy replacing of the filters.

The features of the Type A2 cabinets improve energy efficiency, safety performance, and reliability. Laboratories face new challenges every day, therefore, increasing the need for improved energy efficient and easily maintainable equipment, all of the above can be achieved with the cabinets.