PCR Cabinet

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PCR Cabinet BAV-PCR-«Laminar-S.»

Article 1Е-F.002-10.0

PCR cabinet is designed for work with DNA samples in clean environment when conducting PCR diagnostics.


Distinctive features:

  • All-welded frame of the cabinet
  • Tabletop is of stainless steel
  • PCR cabinet is painted with high-quality powder enamel of light colors, resistant to disinfectants
  • Pullout UV unit located under the tabletop when not used
  • UV irradiation time is set up with a timer that also indicates the cumulative work time of the UV unit
  • Front sash lifting mechanism allows fixing it in two positions which eases the process of disinfection of the chamber and of the sash itself from both sides
  • Lighting unit of the PCR cabinet is located outside the work chamber
  • PCR cabinet has built-in sockets for connection of the laboratory devices
  • A cabinet is featured with a closed UV air recirculator installed over the work chamber under the top cover

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