Pass Box


Between the rooms with different levels of cleanliness,for example between the room with low cleanliness class to the room with high cleanliness class*
*In accordance with air cleanliness classification ISO 14644-1-99.

Between the zones of different biological safety (from hazardous to clean and vice versa) excluding emissions of pathological biological agents and microorganisms
(with air or transferred materials)

Pass box can be integrated in the partition-wall of any material.

When installed in a bearing wall (brick, concrete, etc.) without frame stand, maximum width of the wall is limited to 500 mm.

When installed in light or thin walls (drywall, metal, etc.),maximum width of the wall is limited to 380 mm. Frame stand remains in this case providing stability of the
pass box during the exploitation period.

Location where pass box is installed must be supplied with a power source.


  • Leak-tight outer casing is made of powder coated stainless steel
  • Facing frames provide thorough and esthetic sealing of the sluice junctions with the wall
  • Frame stand with screw supports simplifies the installation process allowing for height  adjustment
  • Screw supports are hidden under the dust covers
  • Leak-tight all-welded work chamber is made of stainless steel
  • Microprocessor control system is managed with  touch-sensor LC Displays located on each side  of the sluice box
  • Two duct stubs are built in for verification of leak-tightness  in casing and work chamber
  • Two gates (one on each side) with triplex windows are supplied with electromechanical locks
  • Two UV lamps protected from mechanical  damage are designed for disinfection  of transferred materials
  • Removable perforated stainless steel shelf allows for disinfection of the bottom of containers with a UV-irradiation


“Call-out” function calls for an operator from the opposite side using the sound signal, which is important when the pass box is installed between the rooms isolated from each other.

UV unit's operating parameters can be set independently for each side of the pass box allowing the materials to be disinfected different amounts of time when transferred from the hazardous zone to the clean one and vice versa.

“Cleaning” mode is designed for sanitary disinfection of the work chamber of the pass-box without enabling of the audible and visible alarm.

Adjustable UV unit parameters: 

– time interval of the UV-irradiation
– automatic enabling of the UV unit when materials are transferred

AUDIBLE-VISIBLE ALARM automatically warns the user:
– when the UV-irradiation cycle is completed and the materials and items may be removed (at the receiving side)
– when the person is called from the other side

Electromagnetic key allows restarting the pass box control system without shutting down the power.

SECURITYof the Pass Box

Emergency situations when using the pass box are absolutely EXCLUDED since sluice doors are always locked, even when the power is off.

AUTOMATIC ACTIVATION OF AUDIBLE AND VISIBLE ALARM if the sluice door is open for more than one minute.

Sluice doors are AUTOMATICALLY BLOCKED during UV-irradiation.

Protection from the simultaneous opening of the sluice gates is executed by automatic locking of the door on the side of passing/receiving person when the door is opened on the opposite side by receiving/passing person.


External dimensions of the pass box with stand (without stand) /WxDxH/, mm 725х720х1655 (725х720х985)
Dimensions of the pass box work chamber (without the shelf) /WxDxH/, mm 555x555x655
Dimensions of the work opening  of the pass box  /WxDxH/, mm  500x600
Parametr of the UV-irradiation in the pass box:  
 -maximum time of the UV-irradiation in the work chamber, hrs  4
 -minimum time of the UV-irradiation in the work chamber, hrs  1
 -number of UV-lamps, pcs.  2
 -power of the UV-lamp, W  8
 -stream of the UV-C irradiation, W  2,1
 -decrease in light stream of the lamp after 5000 work hrs, %  20
 -UV-lamp life cycle, hrs  8000

Parameters of the pass box power consumption:

  -type of the power network  (L N PE)
  -frequency, Hz  50
  -nominal voltage, V  220-240
Maximum input power, W 40
Mass of the pass-box, kg, not more than 100



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