Dynamic pass box

The pass box is designed for transferring of materials between rooms of different cleanliness class* maintaining the air cleanliness class and pressure parameters there.
*as per ISO 14644-1 Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. Part 1. Classification of air cleanliness by particle concentration. 

The operation of the pass box is based on 100% RECIRCULATION of the air inside its body.

The transfer process guarantees recovery of the cleanliness class of the air inside the pass box.

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  • A leak-tight all-welded WORK CHAMBER made of stainless steel AISI 304
  • A VORTEX generator made of stainless steel
  • A HEPA filter in the work chamber of the pass box
  • A built-in outlet for HEPA filter integrity testing
  • A built-in OUTLET for leak-tightness testing of the pass box
  • LED lighting in the work chamber
  • TWO UV LAMPS protected from any mechanical impact ensure disinfection of the transferred materials. The UV lamps can operate simultaneously with or without the fan
  • TOUCHSCREEN CONTROL PANELS (on each side of the pass box)


Call function allows sending an audible signal to the opposite side of the pass box to call an operator from the opposite side of the pass box in case it is installed between isolated rooms.

Each side of the pass box allows customized setting of the UV and blowdown modes allowing individual UV and blowdown periods at material transferring from a hazardous area to a clean one and back.

AN AUDIBLE AND VISIBLE ALARM automatically indicates:  completion of the UV irradiation and/or blowdown cycle signaling the materials/objects can be taken out (on the side of transferee); call from the opposite side.

Cleaning mode allows disinfection of the work chamber without audible and visible alarm being activated. The touchscreen control panel allows work in gloves and wet disinfection.


  • Emergency situations are PREVENTED since the doors of the pass box are always locked even in case of power cut-off.
  • AUTOMATIC AUDIBLE AND VISIBLE ALARM in case a door is opened for more than one minute.
  • AUTOMATIC DOOR INTERLOCK during UV irradiation and/or blowdown.
  • PROTECTION FROM SIMULTANEOUS OPENING OF THE DOORS OF THE PASS BOX with automatic interlock of the door of the transferor/transferee when the door of the transferee/transferor is opened.


Dimensions of the pass box with frame stand (without frame stand) /WхDхH/, mm 950х720х1680 (950х720х1290)
Dimensions of the work opening of the pass box /WхH/, mm. 500x600
Maximum time of Class 5 cleanliness class as per ISO 14644-1 recovery in the work chamber, min  1
Supplied clean airflow capacity, m3/h  200
Minimum air changes in the work chamber at rated clean airflow capacity, ac/h  1000

Power supply:

  -type of the power supply  (L N PE)
  -frequency, Hz  50
  -nominal voltage, V  220-240
Maximum input power, W 123
Maximum weight of the pass box, kg 150

Pass box