Cleanroom Garments

«Laboratory of Cleanroom Garments LLC. » is a modern sewing enterprise producing special cleanroom apparel, member of LAMSYSTEMS holding. 

Vast experience of the LAMSYSTEMS employees in «the clean industry», has allowed us to create the enterprise focused precisely on the needs of the branch. Laboratory of Cleanroom Garments LAMSYSTEMS is the unique enterprise in the market of technological clothes manufacturers. Use of the newest sewing equipment and specially developed technologies has allowed us to achieve excellent quality of our products following the motto "Quality of the product №1 equals to quality of the product №1000".

Laboratory of Cleanroom Garments LLC. is equipped with the test area including:

  • Cleanroom of 5 ISO class;
  • The equipment for the control of protective properties of the fabric;
  • The equipment for the control of static pressure;
  • Barrier washing machines;
  • Steam autoclaves;
  • The equipment for ultra-violet processing.








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