Acceptance Testing

The acceptance testing area is made on the “clean room” basis and provided with certified equipment to carry out necessary testing of all commercial products.
Acceptance test BMB-II-"Laminar-S."-1.2 (221.120) consists of 23 obligatory checks whose results are formally reported. A test report copy is enclosed to the manual.

General technical condition
Design integrity and functionality and conformity with the cabinet marking are checked.
Inward and downward air flow parameters
After appropriate adjustment the following velocity is set up: for inward airflow through the front opening – 0.47m/s*, for downward air flow in the working chamber – 0.35 m/s*.
* -in accordance with EN 12469:2000

HEPA filter integrity checking
The supply and exhaust filters and their sealing are checked.

Audio-visible indication adjustment
Alarm thresholds are adjusted for:
- downward and inward air flow velocity deviations
- front sash open in the Operation mode
- front table air grille blocked
- table top sections installed inappropriately
- UV unit pulled out in the Storage mode