Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

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Vertical laminar flow cabinets (Laminar flow) are designed for creation of dust free abacterial air environment. They are used for work with low-risk substances and bacterial cultures, for protection of working materials from contaminated environment and for carrying out experiments in sterile working conditions.

Vertical laminar flow cabinets  are designed only for protection of products harmless for personnel and the environment.


Application of Laminar flow system

  • quality control in pharmaceutical and food industry
  • sterile manipulations
  • sterility tests
  • ophthalmological  solution preparation
  • cultural media preparation
  • optical mechanics manufacture
  • electronics industry
  • pharmaceutical industry

The laminar flow cabinet operation is based on forced air ventilation through HEPA superfine fiber filter.

Going through the prefilter, the air is refined from aerogenic impurities, and owing to the excess pressure in the pressure chamber it is moved to the working chamber by unidirectional vertical falling stream through the terminal filter.

From the working area the air is moved back to the environment in the following way: partly – through the perforation in the bottom rear area of the cabinet, but most air – through the space between the working surface of the table and the protecting glass.

The vertical laminar flow cabinets are designed only for product protection.

 Distinctive features of Laminar flow

  • The fan motor microprocessor control system SintelL-1 allows to minimize the power consumption of the cabinet, to reduce the level of acoustic and electromagnetic noise.

  • The system of air consumption static regulation AIS LS automatically regulates air balance in the working chamber, changing the number of fan revolutions according to the level of filters contamination. Reaching the threshold value of contamination the system activates the warning system.

  • The electronic shield panel provides easy operation and disinfection.

  • All electric control systems are not placed in the main working chamber.

  • The window rising mechanism allows fixing window in two positions which makes the working chamber and the window easy to clean from both sides with disinfectant solutions.

  • The illumination block is taken out of the working chamber and does not initiate air flow turbulence.

  • Coloring of the cabinet is made with the powder enamel proof for the whole lifetime.

  • HEPA filter is held by springs providing filter leak tightness for the whole lifetime.

  • The control unit with LCD display indicates switching on the systems, their possible malfunctions, the operation mode chosen and the technological timer.