Portable isolator (patient isolation unit)

A patient isolation unit was developed to protect patients with contagious infections during their transportation to a hospital. It is a portable device specifically designed for the transportation of highly infected patients who need some special medical care to a specific stationary center reserved for their care and treatment.

Moreover, a very significant use of a portable isolator is, as the name suggests, a proper isolation of a severe disease-ridden patient from the other people to prevent the transmission of contagious diseases from one person to the other.

Patient isolation units are used in cases where high level of isolation is mandatory, and prevention is beyond the scope of any other biological equipment. The portable isolator is a mobile enclosure that allows transportation of people suspected of being infected with especially hazardous diseases like plague, Ebola, Zika fever, etc. The isolation unit X-BIO can also be used for protection of immunocompromised or severely burnt patients from external contamination. So, the portable patient isolation units have a complete bio containment capacity and high safety levels.