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For the second time LAMSYSTEMS participated in the international fair for laboratory technology and biotechnology «Analytica-2016» (Munich, Germany).

The company showcased three microbiological safety cabinets class II of the LAMSYSTEMS brand:

- Neoteric is an energy efficient cabinet with low heat emission. It has a unique pull-out UV unit construction, audible-visible alarm system, optic sensors for front sash and UV unit positioning, TUV NORD quality certificate. 

During all four days of the exhibition the cabinet’s work chamber with a steam generator installed in it was used for visualization of the air down flow. Visitors had a chance to see for themselves the uniformity and direction of the laminar airflow guaranteeing operator’s safety and cross-contamination protection inside the cabinet’s operational area.


Within the framework of the commercial campaign “Protection as Unconditioned Reflex” based on the similarities of natural animal protection mechanisms with protective features of the equipment, biosafety cabinet Neoteric was colored in a non-standard way simulating tiger’s coat pattern. It definitely got visitors’ attention with positive emotions .

- Savvy is a new generation of the microbiological safety cabinets that inherited all the advantages of the previous model line Neoteric.  A set of constructive and layout solutions have drastically improved exploitational characteristics of the new cabinet. Using three fans has caused a drop in the sound noise level below 47 dBA.

Implementation of the sensored touch screen allowed more informative depiction of the cabinet’s operational modes, simplified cabinet’s controls and provided more service and operation information to the user.

Model Savvy was introduced in two 1.2 and 1.8 meters dimension-types. Production quality, original constructive solutions and exploitation convenience of the LAMSYSTEMS equipment were highly praised by the visitors. It was proved by fact that both cabinets found its buyers right at the exhibition.


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Individual Approach. Guaranteed result!

Lamsystems specialists assisted their customer in solving one more specialized problem by designing customized equipment.


Laminar Flow Cabinet for Bioprinter

LAMSYSTEMS designed a microbiological safety cabinet with enlarged depth and height of the work chamber for bioprinter installation. 



LAMSYSTEMS representatives successfully presented their products at the largest specialized medical exhibition in the world.


Ultra-silent and sustainable SAVVY

Lamsystems GmbH is going to introduce its ultra-silent biosafety cabinet of Class II SAVVY at Medica 2017 that is going to be held in Dusseldorf, Germany from 13th to 16th of November.


Portable Isolator at MEDICA 2017

The international medical exhibition MEDICA 2017 is going to take place in Dusseldorf, Germany from 13th to 16th of November. At this exhibition, LAMSYSTEMS will introduce its new product: isolating enclosure for transportation of people suspected of being infected with especially hazardous diseases


PROTECT Class III Cabinets – Primary Barrier of Maximum Protection

PROTECT biosafety cabinets of class III by LAMSYSTEMS are featured with a range of functional advantages that ensure simple and safe work of an operator.


Together to Success!

LAMSYSTEMS GmbH in cooperation with its Austrian distributing partner BARTELT Gesellschaft m. b. H. took part in a European conference.


Customized Design with Due Care!

During production of non-standard equipment, the greatest care is given to compliance with EN regulations.


World-Class Sustainability

Biosafety cabinet SAVVY is ultra-silent and energy efficient.