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Class II biosafety cabinets including SAVVY are designed for work with pathogenic agents as well as with microorganisms of I-II risk groups at medical, bacteriological and virological laboratories.

The cabinet is an enclosure with an opening through which an operator can perform all the necessary manipulations inside the work chamber. Thereat, the configuration of the cabinet ensures protection of not only the product and the environment, but also of the operator.

The main advantages of the biosafety cabinet SAVVY are the following:

  • Intelligent touchscreen was especially designed by our specialists. The touchscreen makes the cabinet control significantly more user-friendly indicating a lot of service and operating information. When using the control panel, the operator can wear gloves. Moreover, the touchscreen can be cleaned with liquid disinfectants, for instance, with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Low level of noise produced by the cabinet amounts to 47 dBA. Thus, the cabinet is ultra-silent comparing to its analogues ensuring comfortable work of personnel.
  • The airflow velocity adjustment is simple and user-friendly. A built-in system ensures separate control of the inflow and downflow velocities as well as automatically maintains the air balance inside the cabinet. Furthermore, since the manual airflow balance adjustment is not required, the time of maintenance during qualification, filter replacement and periodic inspections is significantly shortened.  
  • Filter replacement is easy and safe. Thanks to configuration of the cabinet and its new filter fixation system, the risk of filter damaging during their installation is minimized.
  • The energy consumption is reduced. The cabinet is equipped with low-noise radial EC fans that significantly cut power consumption and operating costs. The fans further reduce the level of acoustic noise and vibration providing comfortable work of personnel.

The above list of advantages of the biosafety cabinet SAVVY is not complete. Come and see it live at our stand 12/F46 (Messe Düsseldorf halls) where you can refer all of your questions to our specialists.

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